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Scenic Drives

Classic Car Enthusiasts are a big group in Ireland and Europe and are largely untapped by the tourism market in Ireland. My dad (full disclosure!) is one of the men in that photo is sent you. He and his friends set up the Gordon Bennett Classic Car run about 20 years ago, and there is a huge and interesting back story there. They won awards from failte Ireland for brining in overseed tourists for the festival (again, if there is something in this, I can get you precise information). He is also a member of the Jaguar Car club, Laois Vintage Car Club and the MG car club. His buddies are in lots of other car clubs and they are connected to car clubs all over the UK and Europe. They are mostly retirees, and with their clubs, they go 3 or 4 times a year on 2/3/4/ night stays to various parts if Ireland and the UK. They have a driving route, an itinerary and accommodation and meals sorted for them and book it as a package.