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Three Perfect Places to Catch Sunrise and Sunset in Laois

Other than radiating light and heat, the sun has a vital role in every season. Whether it’s that summer golden glow, the last sunshine of autumn, the start of bright evenings and longer hours during the spring months, the sun makes us feel warm, cosy and enthusiastic for the times that lie ahead.

You can’t deny that catching the sunrise and sunset are magical moments in every day. At Laois Tourism, we’ve compiled some of the best spots to catch sunrise and sunset for the early bird or sunset obsessed visitor when they #MeetInTheMiddle.

After all, who doesn’t love a jaw-dropping sunset over a breathtaking view? Let us inspire your sun chasing plans when you visit Laois this year.

Rock of Dunamase

The Rock of Dunamase is an iconic Celtic fortification overlooking the valley of the O’Moores just outside Portlaoise. While it’s a magnificent and historic monument in Laois, it’s also the perfect spot for 360° views of the surrounding countryside. This means you get both sunrise and sunset from a tall hill overlooking the rolling flat fields that will be sure to leave you speechless. Take a flask of tea, a blanket and a picnic and greet the morning with a hello or the evening with a goodbye. Please be sure to #LeaveNoTrace and take your rubbish home.


Ridge of Capard in the Slieve Bloom Mountains

Adventure seekers will love the Slieve Bloom Mountains but even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, the view of sunrise and sunset from the top of the Ridge of Capard in the Slieve Bloom

Mountains is the treasure at the end of the rainbow and totally worth the climb. The Ridge of Capard is located above the rolling fields of Laois making it the perfect place to make the most of a sunrise or sunset. At almost 500m above the surrounding flat countryside, the wild windswept ridge is home to a vast array of wild plant and animal life and it is possible to see well into the counties surrounding Laois. What’s not to love about a morning or evening spent in the Slieve Blooms? Please note to make sure to time your trip back down from the Ridge of Capard well so you don’t get lost in the Slieve Blooms in the dark.

@made_by_joana Slieve Bloom


Oughaval Woods, Stradbally

Oughaval Woods near Stradbally is the perfect place to stop for sunrise or sunset, sit down and take in the view from the countryside surrounding it. The full hike is set to take 1h 43 minutes but the view from the top when the sun rises and sets is worth every moment of the loop. There are 3 waymarked looped walks that cater to both the casual stroller and the hike lover. Take a friend, catch up and enjoy the sun from wherever it may land.

@luke.above Oughaval Woods, Stradbally

It doesn’t end there, you can catch the sunrise or sunset from anywhere in Laois so there’s no doubt that any spot you plan to catch it, you’ll be breathtaken.

From the Slieve Bloom Mountains, the various walking trails, historic landmarks, riverside strolls and more, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot. Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us in on social media!

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