7 Tips To Have The Best Festival Experience at Electric Picnic in Laois

With Electric Picnic in beautiful Stradbally, Co Laois,  around the corner there are a few things that you can do to make sure you have the best experience. 

We have created a list of the key things you need to think of to make your Electric Picnic experience the best it can be. 

  1. Irish weather can be very unpredictable, so bringing clothes for every weather is a must, no matter the forecast. Even if it’s predicted to be warm and dry a raincoat or poncho is a must in case of an unexpected shower and an extra layer for the cooler evenings will make all the difference. Bringing shoes that are waterproof and comfortable will also ensure that you can make the most out of your festival weekend. 
  2. A full battery on your phone for the day so you can take pictures without worrying and in case of emergency. If you’re there for the full weekend, there are plenty of phone-charging facilities on site but a portable charger is a must-have. Make sure you have all your friends’ contact details written down somewhere in case you lose your phone or your battery dies. 
  3. Have your phone wallpaper as a picture of your face and the contact number of someone you’re at the festival with, so if you do lose your phone someone can find you again.
  4. Before you leave home, check that you have all the pieces you need for your tent. You don’t want to get halfway through putting it up and realise you’ve left a vital piece at home.  
  5. Baby wipes, toilet paper, dry shampoo and any other essentials to keep yourself fresh over the weekend will quickly become your best friend. Festivals aren’t always the cleanest of places. Anti-bacterial hand gel is a great way to keep clean after a portaloo or before eating food.
  6. Before going you have to realise that you can’t possibly do everything at the festival, so plan ahead and you’ll be able to see the acts you don’t want to miss, and maybe have time for some other things as well.
  7. The Electric Picnic App is a must-have for the best festival weekend. Not only does it have a map so you won’t get lost, but it also has the schedule of acts for all stages throughout the festival. You can also favourite acts you don’t want to miss and the app will send you a reminder 15 minutes before the performance starts so you won’t miss out on anything.


Now that you have all the information to have the best Electric Picnic experience it’s time to get packed and ready to party! 

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